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Hello everyone! Thank you for taking part in our Spooktacular Halloween Quiz, we hope you had fun! 1st things 1st – the correct answers! –

Q1 – What is the name given to a group of witches? A – A coven
Q2 – Which country celebrates “Day Of The Dead” rather than Halloween? A – Mexico
Q3 – With which Horror movie would you associate “Leatherface”? A – Texas Chainsaw Massacre Q4 – Often played at Halloween, what song was a hit for Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers in 1973? A – Monster Mash
Q5 – In the film “Halloween” for how many years was the killer locked up in an asylum before escaping? A – 15 years
Q6 – From which phrase is the word Halloween derived? A – All Hallows Eve
Q7 – What are young virgins said to see if they light a candle & look into the mirror on Halloween? A – Their future Husband
Q8 – Which 20th Century American Icon died on Halloween? A – River Phoenix
Q9 – What were the first Jack-O-Lanterns made of? A – Turnips
Q10 – What is the phobia of Halloween called? A – Samhainophobia
Q11 – What is a male witch called? A – Warlock
Q12 – What was Dr.Frankenstein’s first name? A – Victor
Q13 – “Lambs Wool”, a popular Halloween drink in the 18th Century, was made from milk and what? A – Apples
Q14 – Which famous Halloween party game originated from a custom to establish who would be the first to marry? A – Bobbing for apples
Q15 – What creature, associated with Halloween, is sometimes referred to as a Loupgarou? A – Werewolf

BONUS QUESTION – When is our last post date for our Halloween stock? A – 26th October

Ok and on to the scores!

In 1st place with an impressive 67 points – Marie Cookie Thompson!

In 2nd place, only 3 points behind the winner – Raye Rodriquez!

In 3rd place with a strong 46 points – Tasha Weasley!

The next 2 highest scorers –

Sandy Shaheen Yousef with 33 points & Emma Louise Saraei with 25 will get a little free gift in their next orders also 😉

Other scorers included –

French Ruth with 14 points
Rose Lewis with 7 points
Ellie McPartland with 5 points
Shaun Hulme with 2 points
Kirsty Riddler with 2 points
Crafty Bits with 2 points

Again thank you for playing & we hope to see you again at our next quiz on Weds 9th November!

S x


Caption Competition!


In celebration of Sam from SCJ’s birthday on 16th October we are holding a caption competition – the funniest caption submitted will win one of our super cute Acrylic Unicorn necklaces!

The competition is open from 12pm Sunday 9th October til 11.59pm Saturday 15th October –
the winning entry will be announced Sunday 16th October on here, our Facebook page ( HERE ) and on our Twitter account ( click HERE to follow us )

To submit your entry either comment on this post, pop over to our Facebook page & leave your entry on our wall, email us at Simplycharmedjewellery@hotmail.co.uk or @ us on Twitter!

Here is the photo you need to think up a caption for –

20111009-024732 PM.jpg

Good Luck Everyone!

Hello ! And thank you for taking part in our Fornightly Quiz night!

First things first – the correct answers !

Q1 – Who was Radio 1’s first female DJ? A – Annie Nightingale
Q2 – Which British city has the most canals? A – Birmingham
Q3 – In which year did Elvis Presley die? A – 1977
Q4 – in Winnie The Pooh, what animal is Eeyore? A – Donkey
Q5 – What is the chemical symbol for Copper? A – CU
Q6 – What year was Margaret Thatcher elected as Britain’s 1st female Prime Minister? A – 1979
Q7 – What is the name of the galaxy our solar system belong to? A – The Milky Way
Q8 – What does RAM stand for? A – Random Access Memory
Q9 – What was the 1st No.1 single of 2011? A – Rihanna Feat. Drake – What’s My Name?
Q10 – What is the biggest grossing worldwide film of all time? A – Avatar
Q11 – What is Clinophobia ? A – A fear of beds
Q12 – The original name for the butterfly was ” Flutterby ” – true or false? A – True
Q13 – Opposite sides of a 6 sided dice always add up to what number? A – 7
Q14 – In Kentucky, it is the law that a person does what once a year? A – Take a bath
Q15 – What is so special about the sentence – ” The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ” ? A – It uses every letter in the alphabet

And on to the scores !

In First Place – smashing our previous record of 87 for 1st place with an amazing 100 points is –

…. Roxanne Louise ! Well done !

In Second Place – with an impressive 44 points is –

…. Jayne Hutchins ! Congrats !

In Third Place – with a fab 36 points is –

…. Siobhan Mullen ! Congrats to you too!

Other scorers were –

Emma Louise Saraei – 21
Lydia Charter – 20
Nancy Little – 10
Rose Lewis – 7
Tasha Weasley – 5
Buttercups & Daisys – 5
Vickie Morris – 2
Bex Lynch Kirk – 2

Well done everyone !

1st place gets a Mint Madness Loaded Faux Pearl Bracelet
2nd place gets 15% off their next order plus a free gift
3rd place gets free p&p on their next order

And as a thank you to everyone else who scored you all get 10% off your next orders with us –

Thank you everyone and hope to see you in a fortnights time!

S xx

Fortnightly quiz results !

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking part in the quiz – I hope you all had fun!
Firstly, the correct answers –

Q1 What is the 1st line from Adele’s “Someone Like You”? A- “I Heard That You’re Settled Down”
Q2 In what programme would you of heard the phrase “I’ll have a P please Bob”? A – Blockbusters
Q3 What is the zodiac symbol for Libra? A – Scales
Q4 What drinks company uses a bat as it’s registered trademark? A – Barcardi
Q5 A tablespoon is equivalent to how many teaspoons? A- three
Q6 In the American acronym C.I.A, what do the letters stand for? A – Central Intelligence Agency
Q7 Chromophobia is a fear of what? A – Colours
Q8 Which children’s tv show starred Rod,Jane,Freddy&George? A – Rainbow
Q9 What was the biggest selling album of all time? A – Thriller
Q10 What is the collective term for Porcupines? A – A Prickle (awww!)
Q11 What was the name of the fictional manager in “The Office”? A – David Brent
Q12 What was the biggest selling toy of Christmas 1988? A – Ghostbusters Proton Pack
Q13 How many months of the year have 28 days? A – All of them of course 😉
Q14 Why were Donald Duck comics banned from Finland? A – Because he doesn’t wear pants

Bonus question 15 – Who, from beyond the grave, voiced “Stan” in the Eninem hit of the same name? A – His uncle Ronnie, who died when he was 15. They used sample tapes of him rapping ( he was a Eminems influence to start himself) and used the voice tone to do the “Stan” verses.

And now the scores!

We’ve had our last quizzes highest scores smashed this time round!

First prize with an amazing 87 points is – Siobhan Mullen!

Second prize with a fab 73 points – Jessica “Noobular” James!

And Third prize with an excellent 41 points – Julie Robertson !

Congratulations everybody!

S x

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Hello everyone!

Firstly thank you for taking part in our quiz, hope you had fun & will join us for our next one! To start with, here are the answers to our quiz questions!

Q1 – Which word can go before meat,dog & roll? A – Sausage
Q2 – What creatures body does the sphinx have? A – Lion
Q3 – What colour were E.T’s eyes? A – Blue
Q4 – What are the names of the 2 main agents in the tv programme The XFiles? A – Mulder&Skully
Q5 – How many hearts does a octopus have? A – Three
Q6 – Which breed of dog was originally known as the Plum Pudding Dog? A – Dalmatian
Q7 – What was Walt Disney ironically afraid of? A- Mice
Q8 – Which song was the most played on American Radio during the 20th Century? bonus points for the approx number of times – A – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, over 8 million times
Q9 – Name one of Popeyes nephews – A – Peepeye, Pipeye, Poopeye, Pupeye
Q10 – What month is officially “National Beard Month”? A – November
Q11 – Banging your head up a wall uses up approx how many calories an hour? A – 150
Q12 – “Mr Mojo Risin” is an anagram of which famous rock legends name? A – Jim Morrison
Q13 – How long did Pink Floyds “Darkside Of The Moon” Album stay in the Top 200 Billboard Charts for, setting a Guinness World Record in the process? A – 741 Weeks/14 years
Q14 – What is the national flower of Italy? A – Lily
Q15 – How many legs does a butterfly have? A – Six

Annnnd the scores!

Runners up are –

Emma Louise Saraei with an impressive 32 points
Emma Reece on 10 points
Magz Mahoney on 2 points
Dawn Barrance on 2 points

JOINT 3rd place goes to –

Claire Trainer & Ana Ball on an impressive 36 points each – you both win 10% off your next order!

2nd Place goes to –

Siobhan Mullen with our highest ever 2nd place total at 57 points – you win free p&p on your next order plus a free gift with it!

And 1st place goes to –

Our highest EVER scorer – Vickie Morris on an extraordinary 80 POINTS! You win our Loaded Bracelet!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you everyone who played – our next Quiz will be on the 20th September @ 8.30pm on our page, Mark it in your diaries – hope to see you there!

S x

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