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Fortnightly quiz results !

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking part in the quiz – I hope you all had fun!
Firstly, the correct answers –

Q1 What is the 1st line from Adele’s “Someone Like You”? A- “I Heard That You’re Settled Down”
Q2 In what programme would you of heard the phrase “I’ll have a P please Bob”? A – Blockbusters
Q3 What is the zodiac symbol for Libra? A – Scales
Q4 What drinks company uses a bat as it’s registered trademark? A – Barcardi
Q5 A tablespoon is equivalent to how many teaspoons? A- three
Q6 In the American acronym C.I.A, what do the letters stand for? A – Central Intelligence Agency
Q7 Chromophobia is a fear of what? A – Colours
Q8 Which children’s tv show starred Rod,Jane,Freddy&George? A – Rainbow
Q9 What was the biggest selling album of all time? A – Thriller
Q10 What is the collective term for Porcupines? A – A Prickle (awww!)
Q11 What was the name of the fictional manager in “The Office”? A – David Brent
Q12 What was the biggest selling toy of Christmas 1988? A – Ghostbusters Proton Pack
Q13 How many months of the year have 28 days? A – All of them of course 😉
Q14 Why were Donald Duck comics banned from Finland? A – Because he doesn’t wear pants

Bonus question 15 – Who, from beyond the grave, voiced “Stan” in the Eninem hit of the same name? A – His uncle Ronnie, who died when he was 15. They used sample tapes of him rapping ( he was a Eminems influence to start himself) and used the voice tone to do the “Stan” verses.

And now the scores!

We’ve had our last quizzes highest scores smashed this time round!

First prize with an amazing 87 points is – Siobhan Mullen!

Second prize with a fab 73 points – Jessica “Noobular” James!

And Third prize with an excellent 41 points – Julie Robertson !

Congratulations everybody!

S x


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