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Quiz Night Results!

Now, as Facebook is a bit stroppy, we aren’t allowed to announce the winner or the prizes on our page, so will have to use our blog!

It was very close all the way through, but we do have our top 3 !

I hope everyone had fun whether you were in the top 3 or not, hoping to make our quiz nights a fortnightly event to put a bit of fun back into Facebook!

Firstly, the answers are as follows :

Q1 – In Atlanta, Georgia it is illegal to do what to a giraffe? A – Tie it to a telegraph pole
Q2 – What is the official state food of Texas? A – Chilli
Q3 – All living things contain what? A – Water
Q4 – Stanley Kubrick’s epic Full Metal Jacket was filmed in what location? A – London Docklands ( but London on it’s own was accepted )
Q5 – Who was the original founding member of the band The Quarrymen? A – John Lennon
Q6 – How many rings on the Olympic Flag? A – 5
Q7 – Which band released an album entitled “Wish You Were Here”? A – Pink Floyd
Q8 – What was Mickey Mouse’s Original Name? A – Mortimer Mouse
Q9 – What is the usual colour of an aircraft’s Black Box? A – Orange
Q10 – What animal is traditionally used to obtain Truffles? A – Pig
Q11 – What held the number 1 spot in the UK singles chart as we entered the millennium on 1st January 2000? A – Westlife – I Have A Dream / Seasons In The Sun
Q12 – Pigs can’t be sick – True or False? A – True
Q13 – What was the exact date the last ever episode of Friends was originally aired In the UK? A – Friday 28th May 2004
Q14 – What is the name of the fictional school attended by students in Glee? A – (William) McKinley High School
Q15 – Not including spin offs, prequels ( Rock N Chips ) or Christmas specials – how many SERIES were made of Only Fools & Horses? A – 7.

The scores of everyone who took part are as follows!

1st Place – With a massive 63 points – Karen Cheetham!
In a very close 2nd Place – Megan Joy Fothergill with 61 points!
3rd Place – with a respectable 44 points – Becci Hackett Robinson!

Runners up

Jayne Hutchins with 18
Laura Farren with 15
Jennifer Graham with 10
Emma Louise with 7
Julie Roach with 5
Siobhan Mullen with 5
Rebecca Vincent with 2
Siemon Edgington with 2

You all have 10% off your next orders for taking part 🙂

So I hope everyone had fun! The next Quiz Night will be Wednesday 7th September and will include a picture round next time!

Thank you everyone – Sam xx


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