Handmade Unique Fimo Kawaii Pieces

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking part in our Spooktacular Halloween Quiz, we hope you had fun! 1st things 1st – the correct answers! –

Q1 – What is the name given to a group of witches? A – A coven
Q2 – Which country celebrates “Day Of The Dead” rather than Halloween? A – Mexico
Q3 – With which Horror movie would you associate “Leatherface”? A – Texas Chainsaw Massacre Q4 – Often played at Halloween, what song was a hit for Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers in 1973? A – Monster Mash
Q5 – In the film “Halloween” for how many years was the killer locked up in an asylum before escaping? A – 15 years
Q6 – From which phrase is the word Halloween derived? A – All Hallows Eve
Q7 – What are young virgins said to see if they light a candle & look into the mirror on Halloween? A – Their future Husband
Q8 – Which 20th Century American Icon died on Halloween? A – River Phoenix
Q9 – What were the first Jack-O-Lanterns made of? A – Turnips
Q10 – What is the phobia of Halloween called? A – Samhainophobia
Q11 – What is a male witch called? A – Warlock
Q12 – What was Dr.Frankenstein’s first name? A – Victor
Q13 – “Lambs Wool”, a popular Halloween drink in the 18th Century, was made from milk and what? A – Apples
Q14 – Which famous Halloween party game originated from a custom to establish who would be the first to marry? A – Bobbing for apples
Q15 – What creature, associated with Halloween, is sometimes referred to as a Loupgarou? A – Werewolf

BONUS QUESTION – When is our last post date for our Halloween stock? A – 26th October

Ok and on to the scores!

In 1st place with an impressive 67 points – Marie Cookie Thompson!

In 2nd place, only 3 points behind the winner – Raye Rodriquez!

In 3rd place with a strong 46 points – Tasha Weasley!

The next 2 highest scorers –

Sandy Shaheen Yousef with 33 points & Emma Louise Saraei with 25 will get a little free gift in their next orders also 😉

Other scorers included –

French Ruth with 14 points
Rose Lewis with 7 points
Ellie McPartland with 5 points
Shaun Hulme with 2 points
Kirsty Riddler with 2 points
Crafty Bits with 2 points

Again thank you for playing & we hope to see you again at our next quiz on Weds 9th November!

S x


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