Handmade Unique Fimo Kawaii Pieces

Hello ! And thank you for taking part in our Fornightly Quiz night!

First things first – the correct answers !

Q1 – Who was Radio 1’s first female DJ? A – Annie Nightingale
Q2 – Which British city has the most canals? A – Birmingham
Q3 – In which year did Elvis Presley die? A – 1977
Q4 – in Winnie The Pooh, what animal is Eeyore? A – Donkey
Q5 – What is the chemical symbol for Copper? A – CU
Q6 – What year was Margaret Thatcher elected as Britain’s 1st female Prime Minister? A – 1979
Q7 – What is the name of the galaxy our solar system belong to? A – The Milky Way
Q8 – What does RAM stand for? A – Random Access Memory
Q9 – What was the 1st No.1 single of 2011? A – Rihanna Feat. Drake – What’s My Name?
Q10 – What is the biggest grossing worldwide film of all time? A – Avatar
Q11 – What is Clinophobia ? A – A fear of beds
Q12 – The original name for the butterfly was ” Flutterby ” – true or false? A – True
Q13 – Opposite sides of a 6 sided dice always add up to what number? A – 7
Q14 – In Kentucky, it is the law that a person does what once a year? A – Take a bath
Q15 – What is so special about the sentence – ” The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ” ? A – It uses every letter in the alphabet

And on to the scores !

In First Place – smashing our previous record of 87 for 1st place with an amazing 100 points is –

…. Roxanne Louise ! Well done !

In Second Place – with an impressive 44 points is –

…. Jayne Hutchins ! Congrats !

In Third Place – with a fab 36 points is –

…. Siobhan Mullen ! Congrats to you too!

Other scorers were –

Emma Louise Saraei – 21
Lydia Charter – 20
Nancy Little – 10
Rose Lewis – 7
Tasha Weasley – 5
Buttercups & Daisys – 5
Vickie Morris – 2
Bex Lynch Kirk – 2

Well done everyone !

1st place gets a Mint Madness Loaded Faux Pearl Bracelet
2nd place gets 15% off their next order plus a free gift
3rd place gets free p&p on their next order

And as a thank you to everyone else who scored you all get 10% off your next orders with us –

Thank you everyone and hope to see you in a fortnights time!

S xx


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